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Lia Festenstein
Executive Director

  • Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership, University of Rochester
  • C.A.S., S.B.L., and S.D.L. Certifications, NYSU College at Brockport
  • Master of Science in Education and E.S.L. Certification, University of Rochester
  • Bachelor of Social Work., Hope College



Mark Davis
Associate Director

  • S.A.S/S.D.A. Educational Leadership Certificate, University of Rochester
  • Master of Science in Teaching and Curriculum/T.E.S.O.L., University of Rochester
  • Bachelor of Arts, SUNY Oswego




Mark Rogacki
Data Manager

  • Bachelor of Arts, SUNY Buffalo






Olivia Alger
Case Manager

Sodaba Azizi

John Brumaghim
GED Instructor

Yolanda Bustos
Grant Manager

Roseann Caiolla
Job Developer

Xiomara Carrasquillo

Javier Chona
GED Instructor

Jeana Clocksin
ESL Instructor

Alla DeWolf
Grant Manager
– Bachelor of Science, State Pedagogical University of Nizhyn

Ernestina Flores

Kevin Gee
Offsite GED Instructor

Angie Goodman
ESL Instructor

Carol Guttman
ESL Testing Administrator

Colleen Guyett
Financial Advisor

Patricia Ignarri
Case Manager

Richard Keefer
Building Substitute

Jim Kellman
Automotive Technologies Instructor
– Bachelor of Science, Suny Oswego
– Associate’s Degree, Monroe Community College

Alexis Leslie
ESL Instructor

Christina Leskiv
ESL Instructor

Quyen Luu
ESL Intake Counselor
– Master of Science, University of Rochester
– Bachelor of Science, Rochester Institute of Technology
-Associate Degree, Monroe Community College

Hannah May
Case Manager

France McCloskey
Offsite ESL Instructor

Jess Metras
Teacher on Assignment

Jason Millington
Electrical Trades Instructor
– Associate Degree, SUNY Delhi

Valerie Nicholson
ESL Instructor

Nina Nyokonchuk
ESL Intake Counselor

Precious Nzima-Moses
Offsite ESL Teacher

Martha O’Connor
Grant Manager

Ivin Pantojas

Annette Perticone

Tetyana Poverlyak
Job Counselor

Kim Peterson
GED Instructor

Jason Rivera
GED Intake Counselor

Jamie Rizzo
GED Instructor

Marcy Rubin
ESL Testing Administrator

Kateryna Rudenko
Job Counselor

Sharon Scott
Data Specialist

Kendra Steele
Offsite ESL Teacher

Suzette Sternberg

Scott Wideman
Building Substitute

Jeff Wujcik
Culinary Instructor
– Associate Degree, Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts
– Bachelor of Arts, Canisius College of Buffalo
– Master of Science, St. John Fisher College