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  1. Bring a pen, or several pens to fill out a job application.
  2. Come dressed appropriately. Rule of Thumb – come to an interview prepared to start the job you are applying for immediately.
  3. Make sure you introduce yourself to the person who does the hiring.
  4. Fill out the application form completely, spelling counts!
  5. Act courteously at all times. Employers see many applicants and remember the ones with good manners.
  6. Apply to a potential employer at a time most convenient for the employer, not yourself. DO make sure you are not interfering with the operations of the potential employer when you are applying.
  7. Thank the person who has interviewed you, or has provided the application.
  8. Have a specific idea about the job you are applying for, and reasons why you are qualified for it.
  9. Have a resume, if possible

Source – Maryland State Dept. of Education