OACES Youth Program empowers students to use the High School Equivalency as a springboard to new opportunities.

• The Office of Adult & Career Education Services (OACES) is deeply committed to increasing the graduation rate and lowering the dropout rate, and has developed the OACES Youth Program for students to earn a high school graduation credential and develop meaningful post-secondary plans.

• The Youth Program provides students with vital preparation and access to post-secondary options that most students receive in a traditional setting.

• The Youth Program is structured so that every OACES student can use the High School Equivalency as a springboard to training, college, and/or access to employment.

• Students create their own portfolios that include academic, workplace, and life skills documents.

• Portfolios provide students with work samples to present during job interviews, a list of accomplishments to incorporate into college applications, and writing samples to use in employment applications.

• OACES provides constant formative assessment via written and conversational feedback on student assignments, as well as summative assessment at the completion of each academic class.

• Students evaluate their own work and participation and receive progress reports from their teachers.

• Various award ceremonies and activities define and reinforce positive school culture and provide opportunities for reflection.

• Students have access to advisors to assist with selecting program options consistent with their goals.

• Course offerings vary and are developed in response to the student’s evolving academic needs and interests as well as local labor market data about career fields.

• OACES’ Employment Services Group (ESG) guides students through the job search process and provides training and assistance in career research, resume writing, and interviewing techniques among other valuable career and employment related services.

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