Family literacy is a proven, research-based methodology that gets entire families involved and committed to education. Designed after the Kenan Model for Family Literacy, families in the Family C.A.R.E.E.R.S. program participate in literacy activities including:

  • Parent and Child Together (PACT) time: parents spend two hours a week in their child’s classroom working side-by-side on literacy lessons modeled by the classroom teacher.
  • Parent time: parents attend workshops to receive training in a range of topics including health and financial literacy, parenting skills and elementary school communications.
  • Parents’ Education: parents attend their educational class in their child’s school.

In addition, throughout the Family C.A.R.E.E.R.S. program, parents gain valuable work experience. Parents receiving TANF benefits are paired with a school staff mentor to complete their work experience assignment and learn entry-level skill-sets for employment at an elementary school.

Family Literacy serves the families in our district that are most in need. For instance:

  • 85% of the families served are below the poverty line.
  • 63% have a work experience assignment that must be completed in order to maintain their TANF benefits.
  • 95% do not have their high school diploma or equivalent.

The presence of the children’s parents in the school, either attending literacy class or working, acts as a strong incentive for the entire family’s involvement in education.