Most of your application will be completed online using several different forms (select forms at the bottom of the page). However some items may need to/or can be mailed to OACES (use the address at the bottom of this page).

1. Complete the Nurse Assistant or EKG Technician Application. Include three (3) references as requested who are either employers, supervisors, social workers or former teachers. You must have permission from that person before listing them as a references.

2. If you have a High School Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma, upload a scanned copy as a .pdf or .jpeg where noted in the application. You can also mail in a copy.

3. Write a letter about your reasons for wanting to become a Certified Nursing Assistant and/or EKG Technician. Type directly into the field provided on the application. Note: it is easier to type the letter into a word processing document first and copy it into the application field.

4. Ask your references to complete the Reference Form which you can find here. References may also mail in a letter.

5. Obtain a New York State police background check with a raised seal and mail to OACES. The fee is $15.00 and can be obtained from the Rochester Police Public Safety Building.

6. If you are sponsored by a supporting agency (i.e. Rochester Works), you must provide document stating that agency is responsible for tuition. Tuition is $3,000.00, uniform is $150.00 and the test is $115.00.

7. A pre-test is required and you must score a 9.0 reading comprehension on the TABE D Test to qualify. You will be notified by mail or phone for the time and date of your testing.

8. If all criteria is met, a payment of $3,000.00 for Nurse Aide/Nursing Assistant.

9. Once your application has been completed and submitted along with your references forms and police background check, the process for considering your application will begin.

Select the form you need below:
Nurse Assistant/EKG Technician Application
Reference Form

Thank you for considering the Rochester City School District OACES Nurse Aide/Nursing Assistant. Mail your additional documents to:
Mrs. Laura Geraci, Nursing Coordinator
OACES Health Careers, Room 204
30 Hart Street
Rochester, NY 14605

Questions: Email OACES or call (585) 262-8000, ext. 2040