• Everyone entering district property is deemed to have consented to metal detector scans, personal search by hand, and search by various other means. Refusal to cooperate can result in denial of entry.
  • No weapons, alcoholic beverages, drugs or non-prescribed pharmaceuticals are allowed within any district building or grounds. This includes knives, guns, marijuana and any other controlled substances. If possession or use is suspected, the participant will be removed from the facility and exited from my educational programs. The police department will be notified.
  • I agree not to damage or destroy property, loiter in the school building or on school grounds.
  • I agree not to use beepers, cell phones and electronic devices during classes, training or program activities.
  • I agree that Internet access is a privilege. It is my responsibility not to access inappropriate material and keep all use consistent with the values and policies of OACES, in support of my educational program.
  • I agree not to disturb other participants, threaten their safety, or distract from their learning.
  • I agree to wear my ID badge at all times within the district buildings; if my ID is not visible, I will be escorted out of the building by sentries, and may be subject to criminal charges.
  • I will maintain personal cleanliness, dress safely and appropriately for program activities, including footwear. I agree not to dress in a way that is vulgar, obscene, libelous or denigrates others for race, color, religion, creed, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability. I understand there are exceptions for medical or religious purposes.
  • I acknowledge that I must attend at least 75% of each class scheduled, attend every day, and be on time. If I do not attend each class 75% of the scheduled time, OACES may exit me from my educational program.
  • I agree to follow all directions and cooperate with the requests of all security and district staff members.


I have read and understand the CONDUCT AGREEMENT above and agree to follow it. If I do not follow these rules I may be removed from the facility and exited from my educational programs.

 Participant Conduct Agreement/20160421