cna-1Learn skills and train for jobs in many different industries sought after by today’s employers.

Who is this for?

Students age 17 and older who have good academic skills

What is it?

Career and Technical Education will give you advanced career skills training that often come with an industry recognized certification such as a Certified Nursing Assistant, electrician, building maintenance worker or customer service representative. These career skills will help you get a well paying job in industries that have many opportunities.

What do I do?

You will get hands-on training in real world environments using the latest tools of the industry. You will participate in Adult Education classes to supplement your training. Most training is offered from 9:00AM to 3:30PM every day and can last for 3 – 6 months depending on the program.

How can I be successful?

To be successful you have to attend all classes and training sessions. Be on time. Stay all day. Focus on your classes while you are here which means leaving your problems at the door and following the Rochester City School District Code of Conduct.

How do I know I have succeeded?

You have achieved success when you receive your completion certificate and are ready to look for a job in that industry.