Santos CM Armitage
OACES graduate Santos, working with CM Armitage since 2013.
Julio RCSD electrician OACES
Julio found a job within a month of graduating –as a maintenance electrician within our Rochester City School District. His teacher Mr. Millington points out Julio’s new RCSD ID tag.
OACES John GCSD Greece Central
OACES graduate John is employed as an electrician with Greece Central School District.
Jacob M, OACES electrical, at Gleason
Jacob started the new year as facilities maintenance electrician at Gleason Corp.
Victor M IBEW pursuit
Victor is pursuing Inside Journeyman Wireman classification with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).
OACES graduate Santiago is an electrician, Larry Masci Electric
OACES graduate Santiago is an electrician with Larry Masci Electric (LME)
CM Armitage Jennifer OACES
Jennifer has worked as an electrician at CM Armitage since 2013.
journeyman apprentice ABC Amber OACES
Amber is an electrician with Radec Electric. She is pursuing Journeyman Wireman classification, through the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) national construction trade association’s electrical apprenticeship.
Willina Nina electrician OACES
Nina had two electrical job offers, and now does commercial wiring — after decades of secretarial work. When asked about her training, she raved, “I can’t say enough about it. It’s an awesome program. Higher rate than expected. It has all been a blessing.”
RG&E Live Line Electrical OACES
OACES Electrical class at the RGE&E Live Line Show. Stevie now works for Coca Cola. Angel, Jose, Juan and Luis now work at Larry Masci Electric.


Danny, Timothy, CM Armitage Electric, OACES graduates
Danny and Timothy are employed as commercial electricians with CM Armitage Electric. Danny described Mr. Millington as, “The kind of teacher everybody needs. He keeps you on track.” Timothy thanked his teacher for “Taking the time to find employment for me, which couldn’t have happened at a better time.”
Office of Adult and Career Education Services, CTE Slectrical
Meeting standards at OACES electrical
Hamilton, Lorenzo 7/22/2013
Lorenzo (center) has worked at CM Armitage Electric since 2013.
Gabriel learning at OACES before commercial electrical job.
Gabriel learning at OACES, before becoming a commercial electrician at Tambe.
OACES commercial electricians at Tambe Electric Inc.
Artemio, Willina, and Gabriel are commercial electricians at Tambe Electric Inc.
Teacher Jason Millington with other professionals at a conference.
OACES work space
OACES work space
Office Adult Career Educational Services, OACES
Graduate Santiago working for Larry Masci Electric, Inc. in Rochester, NY
Electrical Class OACES
Electrical students who have learned together at OACES.