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  • Play reduces stress. A quick walk or bike ride before school allows kids to blow off steam so they are more ready to settle down to learn.
  • Every child is different. Let your kids take turns picking a new activity for the family to try.
  • Play outdoors all year. Sunlight helps our bodies make vitamin D, which increases learning and makes everyone feel better. Make sure to wear sunscreen
  • Pick gifts that let kids move: balls, skates, swings, mitts, dance and movement DVDs
  • Dance, dance, dance…as a family!
  • Make an obstacle course of pillows and boxes in the house.
  • Stretch before bed with your child. Both of you will have more energy in the morning.
  • Play charades based on different sports, from climbing to golfing to swimming.
  • Take a walk, or a bike ride, after dinner with your child.


Source: www.beahealthyhero.org

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