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  • Soft drinks (soda, pop) take up room in your child’s tummy leaving less room for healthy foods. Choose low fat milk or water instead.
  • If you eat fast food, try some new healthier menu items such as salads, sliced apples, mandarin oranges or baked potatoes.
  • The palm of a child’s hand is about one serving size.
  • Kids learn from their parents. If you order fruits and veggies, so will they.
  • “Clean your plate” encourages over-eating. Start with a small serving and let your child ask for seconds of fruits and vegetables.
  • Go out with a plan. Many restaurants today have online menus. Decide ahead of time what choices are best for your kids.
  • Let your kids share a meal.
  • Ask the restaurant to substitute a fruit or vegetable for some part of the kids meal. (Healthy Hero restaurants do serve fruits and veggies as a side dish)
  • If you’re going to order appetizers, make them salads or veggies.
  • Do not be afraid to make a special dietary request (or ask for a healthier substitution) for what is listed on the menu.

Source: www.beahealthyhero.org

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