Beginning Questions for Every Test:

  • Where are you from?
  • Where do you live now?
  • How long have you lived in the United States?
  • Do you work?
  • Tell me something about what you do every day.

Vocabulary and Topics of Conversation

Introductory Sentences:
  • Let’s talk about…
  • Let’s discuss…
  • Now we’re going to talk about…
    • Health and exercise
    • Family and school
    • Transportation
    • What people do in their free time
    • Learning new things
    • Places where people live
    • Shopping for new clothes
    • Work we need to do around the house
    • Coming to live in the United States
    • Eating healthy food
    • How to get better when you are sick
    • People in the community who help us such as police and firefighters
5 Types of Questions:
  1. Photo: Tell me about this picture
  2. Entry Item: I like living in my neighborhood.  What about you?
    I live in a house.  What about you?
    I like the schools in Rochester.  What about you?
  3. Yes/No Question:
    Do you like:
    – The weather in Rochester?
    – To watch sports on television?
    To exercise?
    Shopping for clothes?
    To take medicine?
    To take walks?
  4. Choice
    Which do you like better: Swimming or playing sports? Washing dishes or cooking? Meat or vegetablesWatching sports or playing sports? Do you usually pay for things using cash, credit card, or check?
  5. Personal Expression/general expansion/elaboration
    • Tell me about…
    – A sport you like
    – Someone in your family
    – The house or apartment you live in
    – Your favorite holiday
    • I like to _________ for exercise.  What do you do for exercise?
    • What kinds of TV shows or movies do you watch?
    • How is the neighborhood you live in now different from the neighborhood you lived in as a child?
    • Tell me something about the community where you lived when you were a child.
Tell Me about This Picture – Students should be prepared to use the vocabulary associated with the following scenes:
  • Aerobics (beautiful blue spandex pants)
  • Exercise machines
  • Ranch style house
  • 2 boys in car with seatbelts
  • Soccer balls
  • Boys playing in a playground in the park
  • Family in the living room watching TV
  • Birthday party for a little girl
  • Family of 6
  • Fire truck
  • Airport scene
  • Airplane with deplaning passengers
  • Pharmacy counter
  • Library checkout desk
  • Library, woman studying
  • Car dealer
  • Roadway heading downtown
  • Girls playing soccer
  • Park, various activities, roller skating
  • School bus at bus loop
  • Clothes shopping
  • Check out at the market
  • Woman washing windows
  • Neighborhood clean up
  • Woman selecting oranges