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  1. Self-assessment: What are your goals/targets? How can you connect your background/experiences to your goals/targets?
  2. Market yourself. Promote yourself. Be positive. Don’t undervalue yourself.
  3. Be flexible. If you have multiple goals, consider variations of your resume to fit each.
  4. Create a resume that fits you. There are many different styles to use. Your categories/sections should be selected to fit your background.
  5. Be consistent with your format (margins, action verbs, fonts, spacing, bullets, etc.).
  6. Emphasize/highlight your abilities, skills and accomplishments. Use active power verbs to describe your experience and skills.
  7. Creativity should be based on your target. (ie: A candidate who wants to work in advertising  can be more creative with the style of their resume than someone who is targeting an accounting position).
  8. List of references are on a separate page, to accompany your resume if required.
  9. No errors! Have your resume checked by many people. Caution: You will get varied opinions on style and format. Remember, it is your document so you should go with the style that you think is best. Have your resume critiqued at the Career Center.
  10. Final draft: Quality print on resume paper. Every copy should look like the original. Ask yourself: Is this an attractive, easy to read document? And, does this promote me as well as I can.
  11. Come to the OACES Career Center to have them look it over before you begin to send it out.

Source: www.monroecc.edu/go/careercenter