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  1. Prepare. Employers often complain that students fail to research the organization before an interview. Review the company web site, industry trends and your resume, projects, internships/activities. Know your 3 greatest strengths and provide examples. Have stories ready that focus on your leadership, teamwork and projects. The Career Center offers practice interviews to perfect your skills.
  2. Be a self-promoter. It’s okay to “brag!” Give specific examples!
  3. Process the question before you respond. A few seconds of silence is better than talking yourself into an answer.
  4. Convey Interest, Confidence and Enthusiasm.
  5. Be prepared for all types of questions and personalities. Check out sample interview questions which include behavioral interviewing examples. Use the STAR method to answer questions which includes Situation, Task, Action & Results.
  6. Connect yourself to the position/organization. Be familiar with the job description & skills they desire. How have you demonstrated those traits?
  7. Be positive and professional at all times to everyone from the CEO to the secretary.
  8. Turn nervousness into positive energy.
  9. Prepare and ask good questions. Questions give you a chance to evaluate the position as well as show them your critical thinking skills.
  10. Get contact information so you may follow up. Write a thank you note & make it personalized by mentioning something specific from the interview.

Source: www.monroecc.edu/go/careercenter