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  1. Identify your goals for Networking. Referrals for a specific job opening? Information on a career field? Advice on the best strategies to break into a career? A secondary contact? Clear goals will help your contact help you.
  2. Make an exhaustive list of possible networking contacts. This includes alumni, family, friends, faculty, neighbors, coaches and former employers. Make an appointment at the Career Center for help developing your network.
  3. Contact individuals in your network. Ask them for any information and advice they may have for someone seeking to enter their field or find employment within their organization.
  4. Be prepared to impress these individuals. Your goal is to get them on your side. Ask them to keep you in mind if they hear of any job openings or if they think of any additional information that could be important. Ask if they could suggest someone else for you to contact.
  5. Develop a contact file to maintain all pertinent information.
  6. Follow up with any prospects provided by someone in your network. Let them know how you obtained their contact information.
  7. Develop a weekly plan for your networking activities.
  8. Always reciprocate. When you ask others for help, be prepared to return the favor.
  9. Send a thank-you note after speaking with a contact in your network.
  10. Keep contacts in your network informed about your progress and any success you may have had. Send your contacts bi-monthly “update” emails.

Source: www.monroecc.edu/go/careercenter