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  1. Language. The make it or break it of professional images. (see #2 and 3.)
  2. Take a more formal tone, but use comfortable vocabulary. Don’t use words you might mispronounce or use inaccurately.
  3. Don’t address anyone older than you as “you guys”. It’s too familiar.
  4. Appearance. Just because clothing is expensive doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. A classic, somewhat conservative look is almost always the best choice, and a few well-chosen pieces won’t break the bank.
  5. Tummies, toes and tattoos should all be covered up. Baseball caps are never OK – no matter how bad you think your hair looks.
  6. Put a professional greeting on your voicemail. Avoid using slangy or humorous email addresses.
  7. Turn off your cell phone and pager before you enter a professional setting. Only answer your phone when you are able to talk without distraction.
  8. Respect and adhere to deadlines. Be punctual. Present yourself as having good self-management skills.
  9. Develop a good, strong handshake and use it each time you are introduced. Take cues from those around you, i.e. join in if everyone is shaking hands at the start of a meeting.
  10. Smile. It conveys confidence and interest.

Source: www.monroecc.edu/go/careercenter