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  1. Know what you want to do & “who” you want to be. It is helpful to know your objectives – type of position, type of company, geographic preference – before you begin your search. The more focused you are, the more manageable your search. Contact the Career Center for help in this area.
  2. Write a powerful, accomplishment-oriented resume. Now is the time to sell yourself with a dynamic resume that focuses on the value you bring to an organization. Drop off your resume for review at the Career Center.
  3. Customize each and every cover letter you write. Respond to the specific needs, qualifications, and expectations of each company/recruiter you contact.
  4. Network, network and then network some more. Over 80% of all positions are filled with networking contacts. Contact the Career Center for help developing your network.
  5. Search for positions on many different job boards. Also check out indeed.com
  6. Attend as many job fairs as you can
  7. Participate in on-campus interviews, recruiting and resume referrals.
  8. Practice your interviewing skills with a mock interview at the Career Center. Your ability to interview well can make or break you in your job search.
  9. Know what salary you want. Know what salary you can comfortably live with and what the industry standards are for salary in your field.
  10. Build your own job search support network including family, friends, colleagues, professors, mentors, professional associations, etc. A job search can be a frustrating experience. These people can be helpful and keep your spirits high.

Source: www.monroecc.edu/go/careercenter