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  1. They realize a potential job lead could be anywhere. Smart job seekers aren’t afraid to mention to others that they are currently looking for a job. Networking with your friends, parents or your dentist. One never knows who’s friend of a friend might be the ticket to getting your foot in the door for a job interview.
  2. They Surf job boards for more than open jobs. Job boards are “goldmines” for research. You might see companies you did not know before – add these to your list of target employers. Inside of job descriptions you might begin to see the same requirements again & again. This might indicate a standard for the type of job you want, so begin to incorporate these items into your pitch and cover letters.
  3. They put adequate time and effort into their applications. Spend time to make your resume the best possible written advertisement of you. Some people even have multiple versions of their resume for different positions they are applying for. You should also analyze the job requirements against your own skills and abilities and customize your cover letter for each job you apply to.
  4. They do their homework. Smart applicants know something about potential employers. From Googling a company to checking financial statements, they learn what they can. Use that information to enhance your correspondences.
  5. They know employers do their homework, too. They will search the internet for information about you too. Besides thinking twice about what you post on Facebook and other social network sites, be sure to Google your own name. If you find something undesirable, try to have it removed.
  6. They make their value known quickly. An employer gives each resume/application only 3-5 seconds before they decide to “delete it” or “read further”. A smart applicant answers the question “What can you do for me?” right off the bat with a summary of their strongest accomplishments at the top of the resume.
  7. They look and act professional. Simple but effective!! A smart applicant arrives on time, dresses appropriately, both talks and listens, displays confidence and minds their manners.
  8. They show that they want this job. Smart job seekers are not “tire kickers.” They focus on the needs of the employer and demonstrate how they are perfect for the particular position.
  9. They don’t get ahead of themselves. As much as you may be dying to know about how much it pays, promotions and vacation time, a smart candidate doesn’t jump the gun and tackle these issues on the first interview. They focus on landing the position and address these questions in the second interview.
  10. They ask for the position, follow up and offer thanks. As strange as it sounds, you need to ask for the job!! At the end of your interview, sum up your strengths, tell the interviewer that you are excited about the position and say, I would really like to contribute to this company. I hope you select me for the position.”

Source: www.dailybymorin.com