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What will my donation cover?

Donations of any amount will go towards covering tuition costs for in-demand training provided at OACES and/or can cover essential career tools needed once a graduate begin employment. Tuition costs range from $3,000 for a Level 1 three (3) months training program to $6,000 for a total of six (6) months of training. Tuition costs vary depending on the training program and length.

Why do students need a Scholarship Fund?

OACES Career Training Programs are 100% grant funded. All of these funding sources have restrictions on who can be served by the funding dollars. These grants typically serve students without a high school diploma over the age of 21 years. What about people who don’t fall into this category?

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OACES training programs can assist many others interested in taking short-term and in-demand training at OACES through tuition based enrollment. Many individuals however do not have the finances available to pay for tuition. This demographic consists of people with at least a high school diploma that may be unemployed, or underemployed, and are looking to update and up- skill their credentials and technical knowledge. Statistics from the “ 2012 Educational Attainment Employment – Rochester” report shows that 14,677 or 13.2% of the total 25 – 64 yrs. of age population are unemployed. Specific Rochester neighborhoods have even higher concentrations of poverty and unemployment, as found in the RACF and ACT Rochester “Poverty and the Concentration of Poverty” report. It is this target market that the OACES Scholarship Fund intends to serve.

What if I would like my donation to go towards a specific OACES Training Program or a specific student? Is that possible?

It is possible to donate to a specific program or to sponsor a specific person.

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To do so a check should be made out to “General OACES Scholarship Fund” with a memo specifying the program and the student name. You will receive a donation receipt for you records from the sponsoring agency.

If you are donating online, click “Add special instruction to seller” to designate the specific training program you would like to support.

This is a community initiative I would like to support! How do I donate?

There are many ways to donate to the OACES Scholarship Training Fund.

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Click here to donate online through PayPal or using your credit / debit card.

Wire Transfer

1.)    Speak with your financial institution and give them the following information:

Account Name: General OACES Scholarship Fund
Account Number: 9872272563
Routing # for wires: 022000046

Please note: This is the most expensive way as wires cost anywhere from $5 for a book transfer debit (if the donor also banks with M&T) all the way up to $20. The benefit for the expense is that you will know the funds are there that day and will receive confirmation.


2.)    Checks should be made out to: “General OACES Scholarship Fund” and sent to:

CCCS of Rochester, Inc.
1000 University Avenue, Suite 900
Rochester, NY 14607
Attn: Accounting Department – OACES Scholarship account

Please note in the memo area if you are specifying a program allocation or leave blank for general scholarship dollars. Also, enclosing a brief note would be helpful. CCCS of Rochester, Inc. will send a copy of the receipt of deposit and a letter indicating the deposit back to the donor.

In Person:

3.)    If you would like to send the funds to the bank directly (M&T), that is also an option. To deposit funds in person:

Make check out to: “General OACES Scholarship Fund” account
Memo line: For Credit to Account # 9872272563

Also a brief note attached to the deposit would be appropriate. Request to have the receipt of deposit and cc’d to CCCSR at the University address listed under #2 above.

Who can I contact with questions?

For more information or if you have any questions, please email Chad Rieflin, Director of Programs and Grants, at Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Rochester at with “OACES Scholarship Fund” in the Subject/Re: area. The Scholarship Fund is independently operated and overseen by CCCSR for the benefit of the Rochester community.

THANK YOU for your support!