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Track Colleges and Requirements

There’s an easy way for your child to manage a personal college list online, all in one place — just use My Organizer. Once signed up and signed in, your child can create a list of colleges and track important application deadlines and activities.

How It Works

My College List is a free online tool that allows your child to:

  • Keep a college watch list — add or delete colleges at any time.
  • Create and manage online applications for participating colleges.
  • Access information from any computer.
  • Jump quickly to each college’s website.
  • Save notes, deadlines and reminders for each college.

How Your Child Can Add Colleges to the List

Your child should use College Search. There’s an “add to list” option next to each college’s name (for example, in your child’s search results).

How Your Child Can Create a College List

  • Your child must sign in to or create a College Board account.
  • After signing in, your child will be taken to My Organizer, a personalized start page with important tools and reminders.
  • Under the “My Colleges” tab, your child should click on “College List.”

Go to My Organizer | Sign Up (It’s free!)

Source: Collegeboard.com